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"I turned to Andrea for help when I reached a particularly difficult point in my career and personal life. Andrea's life coaching sessions taught me valuable skills and behaviours that were instrumental in overcoming my problems, and helped identify the behaviours that were causing issues both in my personal life and work life. This process not only helped me to deal with those issues, but it empowered me to take control over all aspects of my life and to better deal with my future. I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life to contact Andrea. Her methods and professionalism combined with her compassion made for a very positive experience. Thank you.

- Josie A.

"When I first signed up with Andrea as a life coach I was struggling with certain issues of my own. During our sessions together Andrea gave me the tools to work with and week to week assignments which allowed me truly experience all my inner demons that I carried with me on a day to day basis. I never realized how much I kept bottled in from my childhood and past relationships. Andrea was extremely objective on how to approach certain obstacles in my life. After six months of intense coaching sessions with Andrea I have to say that I have faced my issues head on and continue to implement her sessions into my day to day life. Thanks Andrea for everything. You are truly an angel."

- Anna
"One phone call made a world of difference to my future and all others I will touch in the future.To have someone believe in me, commit to me, and guide me to where I am today is incredible. I would encourage and aid any and every person to seek life coaching and experience to divine life we all deserve."

- Susan Cleary
"When I attended my first empowering angels seminar, I was skeptical of people opening up to aire personal baggage and feelings. I was embarrassed until I realized that we all shared a common bond to be happy. My fears, wants and desires were like all the rest of the people in the room. Hearing others share their experiences allowed me to relax and let go of damaging beliefs and thoughts. I began to see the unhealthy ways we think and sabotage our own beliefs. Bye opening up and realizing we are all able to make mistakes and learn from them. With facing my fears, I was able to rid the toxic beliefs I had acquired over the years. My heart, head and gut were all speaking a different tongue,but I was no different then the rest. These others had fears too. They knew that through coaching we could face our fears head on and come out healthy. We could learn to believe in the process of healing.The seminar was a wonderful introduction to the new life journey that was set out before me."
"I would like to start by saying Andrea has been my coach for the past three months. I cannot say enough about how much she has helped me, she is a wonderful kind person who listens and truly cares about helping people. She is patient and doesn’t give up on you. You can see how rewarded she feels to see her client happy and better it shows all over her face when she gives you her wonderful smile. I am so pleased to meet with her every week she truly changes peoples lives one word at a time."

Thank you
- Cathy Mammoliti
"Six years ago I was living a superficial life completely centered on self. I blamed others for my failures; my parents, my husband, employers and friends. My ego had taken over my entire existence. It wasn’t until I met Andrea Brunswick that my life ultimately began to change. Andrea recognized my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the courage to break the chains and release my fears. The most crucial thing I have learned from her is that only you can be responsible for your actions and to blame others is a detriment to your growth. With her assistance I began my spiritual journey of self. I have come to trust my instincts and to believe in my choices. My direction in life is clear and my views on self are no longer based on the external but of the value I am contributing to the world. I highly recommend Andrea as a Life Coach. Just as we take vitamins, exercise, eat well and get regular sleep your life choices also need to be made with care and consideration. Thank you, Andrea!"

- Romina Monaco
"Coaching with Andrea has changed my life! In 6 short months, my life has been transformed. She knows how to get you out of your comfort zone and make the necessary changes in your life. I would highly recommend coaching with Andrea.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

- Josie M.
"Having Andrea as my coach has been such a blessing to me. She has a unique ability to look into one’s heart and know exactly where and how far to push you—feeling your limits and limitations.

The greatest thing about Andrea is her experience—no matter what you feel is bothering you or what you seem to be struggling with, she has been there personally or has a story that gives you strength and motivates you to keep going, as this too shall pass.

Her knowledge about human beings and our ability to stretch is quite magnificent, running from our need to heal to our desire to be loved from inside out. Andrea really feels for her clients and cares about their needs—as she isn’t afraid to take you to a long and tiring journey to your deepest feelings, the one’s that you’ve been hiding for years hoping to get rid of them this way….

Andrea digs deep with you and makes sure that whatever is bugging you really gets to be cleared out so that you can continue your journey with a clean head and soul—no challenge is too deep or scary with her by your side!

When someone says that they’re a coach, they might mean it in many different ways yet when Andrea is described as a coach—this is in the true essence of the profession—she really is a life coach with all her heart and soul and this can be seen and felt!

Thank you Andrea for giving me the pleasure of learning from you and breathing in your wisdom! You are a magnificent coach and even a more wonderful friend!"

"The best business decision I have ever made was hiring Andrea as my business Coach. As a small business owner I was unsure how to grow my business to the next level. Andrea was able to identify the practical steps needed to reach my goal.

She has been a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. I now have clarity in my purpose and the strategy to translate my vision into reality. I feel empowered and very grateful to be working with Andrea."

- Alba
"Suzanne truly elicits a character of an Empowering Angel in every aspect of her life. I have observed her from a distance as she has provided professional legal counsel to my mother and others. Her approach is authentic, trustworthy and with the highest level of service. As we all have special gifts, Suzanne has come to understand a humbleness through personal experiences that shines through to everyone she meets. The powerfulness of her being unfolds through her ‘selfless’ giving — time and time again. Her desire to help bring awareness and protection, especially to women, overpowers and magnificently compliments, the ego tied to her professional life—that of a lawyer! I see Suzanne as a perfect magnet with two extreme polar energies that can be defined as gentle yet strong. These brilliant forces balance each other and work together through Suzanne to attract to her those in need, only to find that they are her greatest teachers by allowing her to unveil her life’s purpose. She is a light that glows with compassion, integrity and love upon all those she encounters. I am truly blessed to share her journey. I encourage others to walk with her and experience her personal empowerment as an instrument of love."

In gratitude,
- Mary E. Fenuta